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Whether you are suffering from overcrowding, gaps and spaces, protrusion, a cross-over, or open bite, our team of orthodontic experts are able to straighten and move your teeth to not only a more visually appealing position but also a functional one.

Every person is unique and so are their teeth, which is why our orthodontists use 3D technology to create digitally customised braces for each individual patient. Our specialists use a wide variety of technologies from the Incognito™ system, to Invisalign® and Damon braces.

Traditional orthodontics focuses solely on straightening teeth, whereas at Harley Street Orthodontic Centre we go further than that by taking the face and oral posture into consideration. Our expert orthodontists adhere to the Face Driven Orthodontics school of thought which means we consider the long-term effects of orthodontic treatment so that we can give our patients a perfect smile that will last.

By using advanced 3D technology we’re able to digitally plan a proposed orthodontic treatment and custom-make aligners, wires, and brackets to perfectly match the shape and style of each individual tooth. Because we take the time and effort to plan each treatment in such computerised detail, taking each tooth into account, we are able to offer our patients shorter appointments, more comfortable, precise and faster treatment, and most importantly, the most amazing results that will last.

The first step to take is to schedule a specialist orthodontic consultation so that we can conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements in order to identify and evaluate all the suitable brace options.

Once you’re happy to proceed, we will take digital records of your teeth – this is conducted using state of the art lasers and scanners! These will be virtually sent to the lab to enable the expert technicians to work their magic. Once the unique 3D images of your teeth have been created, your custom-made braces will be sent to production. Depending on which treatment you’ve selected, your braces may be tailor-made by an expert technician, or robotically engineered. Either way, this technology allows us to create a brace that is designed just for you!

More 3D Technology

Digital X-rays

Using digital X-rays benefits the dentist and patient for a number of reasons. X-rays can reveal a number of problems in the mouth including any tooth decay, fillings and crowns that need restoring or replacing and even signs of gum disease. Many of these problems may be difficult to see with the naked eye alone. Digital X-rays are also much safer than traditional X-rays, as there is more than an eighty percent reduction in radiation. The X-rays do not need to be processed; no film is required as the images produced are instantaneous and digital. We are also able to use colour contrasting when looking at the images.

Ezlase Laser

The Ezlase offers innovative treatment for gum problems, gum contouring and relief for jaw pain.
Ezlase offers:

  • High powered performance
  • Increased comfort for patients
  • Low levels of bleeding and swelling during surgery
  • Treatment areas are sterilized for faster healing time

K7-Jaw Technology

K7 Jaw technology can be used to create custom appliances, which work on bite function as well as sports protection. We use a record of the bite from a J5 Myomonitor TENS, which relaxes the jaw muscles in 6 dimensions. We can also look at the position of the jaw by using a more state of the art appliance, named the K7 kineseograph, which gives a more precise visual of the jaw on the computer monitor. It can identify calmness in the jaw muscles and a better jaw position can be found.

Electromyography can also be used for more complex jaw cases. The use of Computerised Mandibular Scanning can be used on patients who are sat in an upright position, without the need for the dentist to move the jaw, or guess the jaw problem. CMS allows us to examine the jaw live, so that we can see exactly where the problem lies and diagnose treatment.


Acceledent Logo

Using AcceleDent twenty minutes per day increases the force applied by orthodontic braces and aligners and increases tooth alignment movement. AcceleDent should be used daily and creates very soft microvibrations, which work effectively to help teeth move into position faster then wearing an orthodontic appliance alone. It is very easy to use and causes no pain or discomfort for patients using it. The main benefit of this innovative appliance is a shorter treatment time, therefore less time at the dentist and a faster way to a straighter smile.

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