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Here at Harley Street Orthodontic Centre we are proud to have a team of world-class specialist orthodontists as well as dentists who have leading status in specific orthodontic systems such as Invisalign where both Dr Mark Hughes and Adam Thorne are platinum elite Invisalign Doctors.

Having a team of Specialist orthodontists means that we can treat even the most complex of orthodontic problems in-house and provide comprehensive care for all patients.

Dr Sarah Sadek
Sarah Sadek
Dr Ilias Marinopoulos
Ilias Marinopoulos
Dr Darsh Patel
Darsh Patel
Dr Steffen Decker
Steffen Decker

A specialist orthodontist is a dentist who has undertaken further specialist postgraduate education in Orthodontics (MOrth; usually for a minimum of 3 years fulltime) and is listed as a General Dental Council registered specialist. This additional training specifically in orthodontics enables a specialist to provide treatment and care to a much higher level than a general dentist. At Harley Street Orthodontic Centre our award winning specialist orthodontist team is hand-picked as being the very best in the industry and with an emphasis on face-driven orthodontics which focuses on the impact of treatment on the whole face rather than just the teeth.

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Thank you so so much Adam & everyone at Harley Street! I think I counted two pictures at home where you can see my teeth. Now I will not stop smiling! See you soon!

Karen, London

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