Confused about Teeth Straightening options?

Unrivalled Expertise
Outstanding Care

Dr. Aneka Khaira

BDS Birm 2012
(GDC: 229198)
General & Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Aneka Khaira is patient-focused and a valuable presence to nervous patients in particular, whom she helps to enjoy pain-free dental treatment. Her patients are always kept at the centre of things regarding their treatments and they have total control over what will take place.

On top of her extensive experience in general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Khaira also offers facial treatments to improve aesthetics and appearance. She has a deep knowledge of facial anatomy, and only uses cosmetic products, such as BoTox®, with a reputation for producing excellent results.

Aneka attained her BDS in 2012, graduating from the University of Birmingham. Having discovered a passion for adult orthodontics, she decided to study for a Master’s degree at the University of Warwick, which she is currently pursuing. Her expertise makes her an excellent provider of various orthodontic treatments.

Outside dentistry, Aneka is a chef, a shopper, a dedicated friend and family member, and explorer of the world.


  • Best Young Dentist 2018 Midlands - Dr Aneka Khaira
  • Dr Aneka Khaira has completed Cosmetic and Facial Aesthetic cases